Service Overview


Venetic offers a cost effective technical support solution where members of our team serve as a technical liaison between you and your potential overseas customers. Our qualified team is available 24/7 full-time or part-time to provide the interface between your business development team and customer’s technical staff.
The technical liaison service provides you an experienced communications system consultant on-demand to serve as a technical advisor during meetings, conference calls and site visits. In addition to having someone at your side defending your interests, a report breaking down the topics discussed, their implications to you and a recommended direction is provided.
Venetic specializes in introducing new products and technologies to the Latin American region, but can provide these technical consulting services worldwide. We keep up-to-date information on the progress of your product introduction which gives us the ability to provide immediate customer feedback.

Opportunities to employ Venetic as your Technical Liaison:

  • Meetings discussing introduction of new technologies to foreign customers
  • General project planning from a technical and architectural perspective
  • Technical interviews
  • Technical interpretation for English/Spanish
  • Business contact follow up
  • Reporting for business contact progress