Venetic specializes in maintenance, logistics and Service Life Extension Programs (SLEP) for civilian and military Air Surveillance Radar systems. Venetic works with customers worldwide to provide services and solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements. Venetic provides a full suite of products, parts and services related to maintenance, study, design, reengineering and integration of modernized radar components providing an alternative cost effective solution to restore radar system functionality and operation.

Operations & Maintenance Services:

  • Evaluation of radar maintenance preventative maintenance programs to ensure optimal system operation
  • Assessment of radar system component conditions
  • Provide logistical support for radar and ancillary system components
  • Conversion of system power from 400Hz to 50/60Hz
  • Training for radar system operators in both English and Spanish languages
  • System evaluations including radar system performance, coverage maps and Data Quality Analysis (DQM)X

Modernization and Service Life Extension:

  • Perform radar system evaluations to baseline performance and evaluate solution for modernization
  • Work with partner manufacturers to develop modernization solutions for Transmitter and Receiver/Processor subsystems
  • Provide turn-key modernization solutions for civilian and military radar systems
    • Site survey and system baseline
    • Equipment manufacturing and factory acceptance testing
    • Factory training for customer personnel
    • Equipment shipping and logistics
    • System installation and integration
    • System operational verification testing to customer/manufacturer standards
    • Complete documentation package including updating of legacy system manuals
    • Extended warranty and maintenance support

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